3D Printing Services

Our 3D printing services focus on technical prototyping and the development of fluid printing processes.

We are specialized in 3D printing of free-form surfaces such as the organic structures of the human body.
With our experience in FDM printing, we are able to take control  over a wide range of materials and thus technically adapt the results to the needs of our customers.

Our experience ranges from flexible materials such as TPUs to stronger materials such as polycarbonate and polyamide.

We master the entire spectrum of 3D printing. Therefore, our services also include 3D scanning, CAD-based reverse engineering and model changes as well as related CAM services.

Due to the growing interest in additive manufacturing, BFTS plans to expand its services under its new label 3D Fox Lab .
3D Fox Lab will make our collective expertise available as a service and expand our offering to include special products for additive manufacturing.

COMING SOON: 3dfoxlab.com

3DFoxLab 3D Printing Service