Software Solutions


Utilises the existing scanning systems to successfully and accurately scan Shoe Lasts. Quickly delivers accurate, sharp & defined feather-edges to shoe lasts scanned by INFOOT. Easy editing and measurement, combined with faithful restoration of sharp, feather-edges. Outputs to common CAD formats making it a powerful tool in automated and semi-automated footwear design and manufacture. Also outputs unique Last-Bottom Shapes for use in InsoleEditor.

Output to: CAD, CNC and 3D printers.


Another powerful design program: effortless creation of custom Insoles, Footbeds and Orthotics from foot shapes captured by INFOOT scanners. Unique customised “Insole Base” shapes generated from scanned Shoe Lasts (using I-Ware’s LastMeasure software). As an industry first, Insoles can be customised both top and bottom. The top shape is customised to foot-shape, whilst the bottom shape is customised to match the shoe’s Last shape. InsoleEditor will also accept shapes acquired from scanners other than INFOOT.

Output to: CAD, CNC and 3D printers.

Foot Reformer

A simple yet powerful tool to deform and reform the human foot-shape to any given heel, arch or toe height. Unique and accurate anthropomorphic algorithm means the human shape is retained throughout editing. Single-click functionality with simple and easy to use interface.


Co-developed with Japan’s prestigious National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), DiPlus is capable of breathtaking Anthropometric modelling. Flexible, vertical and horizontal data addressing create revealing visual modelling. This software is highly regarded by both academic research and industry R & D organisations alike.

File Converter

The File Converter allows the automated export of 3D scanning files to common CAD for-mats (STL, OBJ, VRML, CSV; DXF…). Export formats can be adjusted in terms of accuracy and data content (pure 3D volume, volume including landmarks, landmarks only). It therefore provides a perfect platform for scientists to exclusively export landmark coordinates and standard users to kick of a digital production process.
File converter can be operated as an automated plugin or as a standalone application via drag & drop.